KIRBY BEARD: 1930's desk lamp in green leather with parchment shade


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KIRBY, BEARD & Co - Paris : Nice quality desk lamp in green leather with saddle stitching on a round base. White opaline glass bowl. Beautiful real parchment shade by Maison BOUCHARDEAU (redone) with green lace.


Height of the stand : 40 cm - 15 3/4 in
Total height (with shade) : 58 cm - 23 1/4 in
Shade's diameter : 32 to 40 cm - 12 1/2 to 15 3/4 in


The pin-making factory that became Kirby Beard and Co was established in Gloucester around 1743 by William Cowcher (1713-83).
Richard Cowcher succeeded his father in the business but died aged only 39 in 1805. Richard established the partnership with Robert Kirby.
Robert Kirby probably brought vital Capital to the business and looked after the London end of the trade. He was well connected and became a Sheriff of London in 1816. The Gloucester pin makers all maintained London warehouses. These were situated near London Bridge in the City and were where the majority of the production was traded. By 1820 two further partners, George Beard (1810) and William Tovey (1815) had joined.
George Beard succeeded the Cowchers as pin maker and William Tovey worked primarily as the regional or country salesman. Tovey died in 1823. The names of Tovey and Cowcher were later dropped and the firm appeared as Kirby, Beard and Company by the 1840’s.
Kirby Beard was the most important pin firm in Gloucester, and lasted the longest. George Beard moved Kirby Beard and Co from Gloucester to Birmingham in 1853 and subsequently amalgamated with other pin companies but the name was retained until the middle of the 20th century. The company was already selling it wares in Paris.
In addition to pins, Kirby, Beard & Co. manufacture hairpins of all sorts and sizes, while at their establishment at Redditch they produce needles.
The firm have depots in London and Paris, and an agency in New York, to aid in the distribution of the goods, as well as agents in various parts of the world.

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