André MARE (1885-1932): Young horseman, oil painting, signed


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André MARE (1885-1932): Young horseman in profile, oil painting on paper glued on canvas. Signed on the bottom left and on the back with the round ink seal from the Atelier. Entitled in stencil on the stretcher 'Napoléon Mare, son of André Mare and of Charlotte Marlin, Normand born in Paris the 11th May 1912'.

Circa 1926

Painting: 38 x 46 cm - 15 x 18 1/8 in

André MARE (1885-1932) Andre MARE (1885-1932):
Andre MARE was an artist, and studied at the Academie Julian, Louis SUE also trained as a painter, but turned to interior design as early as 1905.
The lack of design or craft training led both SUE and MARE to be grouped with the Coloristes in Paris before the First World War.
MARE was involved with DUCHAMP VILLON's Maison Cubiste in 1912, while SUE worked with Paul POIRET until the founding of Atelier Martine in 1912.
As a soldier in the French Army in World War I, MARE led the development of military camouflage, painting artillery using Cubism techniques to deceive the eye. He authored the book "Cubism and Camouflage, 1914-1918". MARE sketched and painted scenes based on his experiences in World War I.
In 1912, SUE set up his own decorating firm, L' Atelier Français, and began his association with MARE in 1914. This association became a partnership in 1919 with the foundation of "La Compagnie des Arts Français" which lasted until 1928. SUE and MARE worked across the spectrum of the decorative arts from wallpapers to furniture. Their furniture used exotic woods and was clearly inspired by traditional French styles.
As a painter and interior designer after the war, MARE combined his talents with the skills of architect Louis SUE and became a leader in the art deco movement of the early 20th century. At the 1925 Paris Exposition their pavilion, Un Musee d'Art Contemporian, rivaled Ruhlmann's and the firm also exhibited furniture in the Ambassade Francaise and the Perfums d'Orsay boutique among other pavilions.
The partnership ended in 1928 and SUE continued to work in France throughout the 1930s.
MARE came back to painting, especially landscapes from Normandy. Some of his works include: American Troops Marching Through the Arch of Triumph, 1930, and The Funeral of Marshall Foch, 1931.

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