DAUM: 1940's nice heavy crystal glass vase, signed



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DAUM: Nice heavy crystal glass vase with a rope decor in relief. Signed on the base 'Daum + Nancy - France'.

From the 1940's

Height: 18 cm - 7 1/8 in
Diameter: 23 cm - 9 in

French glassware designers and manufacturers located in Nancy. Company created in 1875 by Jean Daum (1825-1885) and Antonin Daum (1864-1930), Paul Daum (?-1943). At first Daum produced rather dull table and domestic glassware. The factory gradually became known for its fine glassware with cut, etched, and gilt decorations in traditional styles. Beginning in 1890 and greatly influenced by Emile Galle (1846-1904) , their objects were executed in the Art Nouveau style. In 1891, they opened a decoration studio employing artists Emile Wirtz, Amalric Walter, Jacques Gruber, Henri Berge. They furnished the glass for Louis Majorelle lamps, and after also for Edgar Brandt and Andre Groult. The firm closed during World War I; reopened in 1918, Daum's style changed radically. Under the direction of Paul Daum, the glasshouse attempted to satisfy the public demand for simpler designs, producing acid-etched, thick colored glass vessels with geometric or stylized motifs. The technique required up to four acid baths for very deep etching.
The great depression of 1929 threatened the existence of the firm; the glass industry in France suffered particularly hard. Its art glass production dropped, replaced by its glass tableware. The Generale Transatlantique Compagnie commissioned 70,000 sets of crystal tableware for its 1935 oceanliner Normandie, prompting research into new techniques and designs. Paul Daum, arrested when the Germans occupied France during World War II, escaped, fought with the French Resistance, and was killed in 1943. In 1946, the firm reopened under Henri and Michel Daum. The company, no longer in family hands, is still in operation.


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