Luc LANEL (1893-1965) & CHRISTOFLE: 1930's charger in brass-ware, signed



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Luc LANEL (1893-1965) designer & CHRISTOFLE editor: Rare and beautiful 'dinanderie' (brass-ware) charger 'Croix latine' ('Latin Cross') or 'Flèches' ('Arrows'). Stamped on the back 'CHRISTOFLE' and numbered 'B 3 E'.

Circa 1925-1930

Height: 1,5 cm - 0 5/8 in
Diameter: 42 cm - 16 1/2 in


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Luc LANEL (1893-1965):
Born near paris in 1893, LANEL studied at the Paris School of Decorative Arts before to become an illustrator for advertising. His advertising drawings from 1920-1921 used the stylized flowers typical from the period under the influence of the 'rose' of Paul IRIBE.
Luc LANEL studied also ceramic with his wife Marjolaine he married in 1921.
In 1922 he became art director of the Silversmith house CHRISTOFLE, until 1942. He met there the Danish designer for silverware and pewter-ware Christian FJERDINGSTAD and also the French ceramist Auguste DELAHERCHE who created the bronze-ware and brass-ware collections for CHRISTOFLE. Their examples and friendships stimulated LANEL to produced intense 'Dinanderies' brass-ware collections and silverware, especially the 'Transatlantic' collection for the 'Normandy' ocean-liner in 1935.
In the twenties, LANEL used stylized decor like flowers, leaves, Malt cross, arrows. Around 1930 he turned to geometrical decor. After 1935, he used simple silver-plated hammered surfaces, following the modernist inspiration.
In 1942, because of the war, he stopped working at CHRISTOFLE. After the end of the war, he decided not to come back to CHRISTOFLE and to follow his career as a ceramist, working with Jules LELEU, Charles MOREUX and Jean ROYERE.

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