ETLING: 1930's opalescent glass big bowl, signed



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ETLING FRANCE: Nice big bowl in opalescent moulded-pressed glass with fern decor in relief. Signed underneath 'ETLING FRANCE 252'.


Height: 6,5 cm - 2 1/2 in
Diameter: 35 cm - 13 3/4 in

ETLING - Paris:
The ETLING company was founded in 1909 by Edmond Laurent ETLING in Paris, France. He had a shop in Paris, 29 rue du Paradis, and commissioned art works in bronze (especially the works of Demetrius CHIPARUS), ceramics, terracottas and moulded-pressed glass, mostly from French artists as A. GODARD, Claire-Jean Roberte Colinet, Lucille SEVIN and her husband Jean Théodore DELABASSE, Geneviève GRANGER, GAZAN, Georges BEAL, Maurice GUIRAUD-RIVIERE or the Hungarian Géza HIECZ.
ETLING sold also small metal and glass 'objets d'art', including table lamps and lighted biebelots. His designers included BONNET, LAPLANCHE, Marcel GUILLARD, and Georges DUNAIME. though concealed lighting was popular. ETLING met a demand for visible fixtures similar to LALIQUE's. His range included small chromium-plated metal and crystal lamps and lighted 'bouts de table'.
The glass pieces were usually made for ETLING at the crystal Manufacture of Sèvres and after 1932 at the Choisy-le-Roi glass-works manufacture close to Paris. All the ETLING family, jewish origin, was arrested in 1940 and sent to nazi concentration camps where they disappeared, so the ETLING company did not survive the Second World War, so their entire production was made during the great haydays of Art Deco. Several artists designed vases and figurines for ETLING, and their work, we understand, was always marked "ETLING FRANCE" and usually followed by a number which related to the Choisy-le-Roi catalogue.
ETLING supported, ETALEUNE, an "atelier" that recruited promising artists to design art glass which it then produced and marketed.

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