1950's solid Macassar ebony box in the style of NOLL


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Rectangular box in solid Macassar ebony, in the style of Alexandre NOLL


Height : 7,5 cm - 3 in
Width : 17,5 cm - 6 7/8 in
Depth : 15,7 cm - 6 1/8 in

Macassar ebony:
Common names: Macassar ebony, Camagon, Coromandel, Calamander wood, Golden ebony, Indian ebony, Tendu, Temru, Tunki, Timbruni.
Botanic: Diospyros celebica, diospyros rumphii; family: ebony. Origin: South-East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines) and the East Indies especially Celebes Islands, Sulawesi (Indonesia).
Named for the port city Makassar, provincial capital of South Sulawesi (Indonesia) and the largest city on Sulawesi island, facing the Makassar Strait.
Black, finely streaked with bands of yellow to greyish brown; Macassar ebony is sometimes called "Striped Ebony". Very hard and heavy with a beautiful surface when finished. Very well suited for fancy work of the highest order giving consistently astounding results. Highly prized by the designers and decorators from the 1930's and often used in art-deco furniture for use in making fine cabinetry and veneers.
Also used to be turned, especially for chess and other games, to make music instruments, or to refine jewelry, cutlery or archery.

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