Maxime OLD (1910-1991): Exceptional dining-table in mahogany with gilt bronze feet, 1940



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Maxime OLD (1910-1991): Exceptional dining-table in solid mahogany and mahogany veneer on solid mahogany structure with two leaves. Gilt brass shoes. Beautiful original condition.

Circa 1940

Height: 73 cm / 28 1/2 in
Length: 180 cm / 71 in + two leaves of 50 cm / 19 1/2 in; open: 280 cm - 110 1/4 in
Width: 100 cm /39 1/2 in


Yves BADETZ: Maxime Old. Paris. Editions Norma. 2000. The buffet with three doors reproduced in color on full page p.87.
Auction records:
Me Thierry de MAIGRET/Jean-Marc MAURY, Paris-Drouot, December 14th 2007, No252
ARTCURIAL/Felix MARCILHAC, Paris, June 11th 2007, No222
TAJAN/Jean-Jacques WATTEL, Paris, April 13th 2006, No375
Me Claude AGUTTES/Jean-Marc MAURY, Neuilly, July 3rd 2002, No207
Me Claude AGUTTES/Jean-Marc MAURY, Neuilly, November 30-December the 1st 2000, Nos365-366

Maxime OLD (1910-1991) Maxime OLD (1910-1991):
French decorator and furniture designer born the 13th December 1910 at Maisons-Alfort near Paris. Son and great-son of cabinet-makers masters settled in Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris, then 37 rue de Chanzy.
Entered at Ecole Boulle in Paris in 1924 at the age of fourteen under the direction of André Fréchet and studied during four years together with Jacques Dumond and Maurice Pré. Became major of his promotion. Joined Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann workshop in 1928 where he remained until 1934 together with Paul Fréchet, Maurice Pré and Jeanette Laverrière. In 1930, at twenty years old, he is chosen to create a luxurious apartment for the ocean-liner 'L'Atlantique'. From this two wonderful schools, he acquired a vision, an exigence, techniques and abilities, then an experience which allow him to transform the family company into an innovative decoration firm famous in art world.
After the death of his father in 1930, he hold the family's firm with his mother, and after Ruhlmann's death in 1933, began to create his own models for his firm. From 1935 he exhibited at Salon des Artistes Décorateurs (SAD). In 1937 he exhibited at the Exposition internationale in Paris and won an award. In 1939 he participated at the French Pavilion at the International exhibition in New York.
Since 1941, he received commands from the French State for French embassies abroad, met rich private clients, became teacher at the National high school of decorative arts.
In 1950, he opened his own gallery Avenue Hoche in Paris to exhibit his own creations and to launch young artists as ceramicists. He is asked to collaborate to French reconstruction and refurnishing. He participated in the furnishing of ocean-liners including the 1948 'Marseillaise', 1949 'Ile-de-France', 1950 'Liberté', 1951 'Ville de Marseille', 1952 'Flandre' & 'Antilles', 1961 'France', 1962 'Ancerville''. He worked as interior architects for cities, big companies, banks, embassies, palaces and hotels.

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