Simone BLANC-DEROCQUE (1903-2000): Female nude pastel. 1922



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Simone BLANC-DEROCQUE (1903-2000): Female nude pastel (Model Justine). Pastel. 1922. Newly framed under glass with a frame in burl of mahogany veneer.

From the 20's

Pastel: 26x37,5cm - 10 1/4x14 3/4 in
Framed: 40x51cm - 15 3/4x20in

Simone BLANC-DEROCQUE (1903-2000): Painter, drawer, ingraver. Born on March 12th 1903 in Paris. Begin to draw in 1918 in the 'Cours Charles' rue de Valois in Paris. From 1919 to 1924, student of the French painter and teacher Alexandre Claude Louis LAVALLEY (1862-1927), Laureate of Rome (1891) and author of a lot of decorative compositions ornating many parisians buildings like the Hotel Meurice, rue de Rivoli. In his atelier, 81 rue de Lemercier, she learns as his private student the drawing, the pastel, the pictural composition, the nude. She works with him and prepares the walls for the compositions ordered to him. This revered teacher will teach her all his art and will stay the reference for her life; she inherits his atelier at his death in April 1927. From 1920 to 1926, she is student in the National School of Fine Arts of Paris in the class of Paul BELMONDO (1898-1982) and Roger CHAPELAIN-MIDY (1904-1992). First in the 'Galerie des Antiques' of Mr. ROGER and after in the Atelier of Fernand CORMON (1854-1924) and Jean-Pierre LAURENS (1875-1933).
During her life, she did a lot of sketches, caricatures, nude drawings, drawings of Paris with a predilection for the streets, buildings and magic places of the old Paris. She drawed also the old city of Rouen in Normandy where she lived during twenty years, also the country and the south of France. She ingraved herself her favorite drawings. In painting, volontarily figurative, she is excellent in landscapes, bouquets, still-lives and interiors. Her colors, sweet and warm, enlighten exterior or intimist scenes which reflect calm and serenity.
She is laureate of the Concours Chenavard and of the Taylor Foundation. She was member of the Salon des Artistes Français, Salon des Artistes Indépendants, Salon d'Automne, Association des Paysagistes Français, Salon d'Ile-de-France - Atelier 75, Salon Violet.

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