Renée BERNARD (XXth c.): African woman, watercolor and black ink



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Renée BERNARD (XXth c.): African woman from Bamako (Mali), watercolor and black ink on paper, signed on bottom right, situated 'Bamako' and inscribed "Airsata Malikité (Bambara)" on bottom left.

From the 40's

Drawing: 40 x 30 cm - 15 3/4 x 11 3/4 in
Framed: 57,5 x 47 cm - 22 3/4 x 18 1/2 in

Renée BERNARD (1906-2004):
Student of Lucien SIMON (1861-1945) in the School of Fine Arts of Paris, Renée BERNARD taught the art of drawing in the schools of Paris during 18 years before to become inspector of drawing teaching. She exhibited in many Salons, especially in those of Société des Beaux-Arts and of France d'Outre-Mer, and exhibitions and received many awards, four from the Institute of France, two from the Taylor Foundation, and received also travel scholarships for French Occidental Africa, Marocco and the Antilles. She did a lot of works which are official commands of the French State or the town of Paris. In 1940, she received the award of the French Occidental Africa, but couldn't go there before 1947 because of the Second World War. During eight months, she explored Senegal, Sudan, the Ivory Coast, High-Volta, Guinea and Mauritania.
She wrote a book on her travel: 'Randonnée à travers l'Afrique in 1947' (Run across Africa in 1947). Paris. 1988.

Lynne THORNTON: Les Africanistes, peintres voyageurs, 1860-1960. Paris. ACR Editions. 1990. See p.220-233 and 315.

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