GRUPO AUSTRAL: Pair of original 'BFK' or 'Butterfly' chairs


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GRUPO AUSTRAL: Antonio BONET (1913-1989), Jorge FERRARI-HARDOY (1914-1977) & Juan KURCHAN (1913-1975)

Pair of "BFK" or "AA" or "Hardoy" or "Butterfly" chairs. Tubular steel frame, one lacquered in black, the other one in white. The black one with his original cotton linen "sling" in grey, the white one without its seat. Design from 1938. First original edition KNOLL Associates Inc. 1947-1950 (ref. 198).

Height: 90cm - 36in
Width: 71cm - 17in
Depth: 71cm - 17in


Inspired by the folding chair of Joseph Beverly FENBY (see below), the BFK chair has been created by in 1938 by a group of Argentine architects and designers (ancient collaborators of LE CORBUSIER in his architecture company in 1937) for their own offices. This metal version manufactured by ARTEK-PASCOE, won the argentine award for design in 1940. After the war, this chair has been one the first successful model of the KNOLL company. Just after, KNOLL lost a trial concerning the reproduction rights, so manufacturers copied this model without license.


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