Jacques ADNET (1900-1984): 1930's modernist stool



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Jacques ADNET (1900-1984): Modernist stool in tubular chromed steel frame with original almond green velvet upholstery


Height: 45 cm - 17 3/4 in
Width: 46,5 cm - 18 1/4 in
Depth: 35,5 cm - 14 in


Alain-René HARDY & Gaëlle MILLET: Jacques ADNET. Paris. Les Editions de l'Amateur. 2009. Armchair reproduced in color full-page on page page 87.
Pierre GUEGUEN: "Quelques ensemble de Jacques ADNET" in: Art et Decoration, janvier 1933, p.1.
Henri CLOUZOT: "Décor pour le 1er acte de l'Hermine au Théâtre de l'Oeuvre" in: Mobilier et Décoration, 1932, p.362.

Jacques ADNET (1900-1984) Jacques ADNET (1900-1984):
French architect and decorator, he worked for Henri RAPIN and Tony SELMERSHEIM and, from 1920-22, for Maurice DUFRENE; designing accessories in metal and glass, executed sturdy Modern furniture designs, mixing them with traditional pieces, much like Jean-Michel FRANK; used a logical, clear, refined approach; often collaborated with younger brother Jean ADNET. In 1922, became director of decorative studio 'La Maîtrise' of 'Galeries Lafayette'; designed the 'salle commune' of the 1926 oceanliner 'Ile-de-France'. From 1928-1959, was director at Louis SUE's and André MARE's 'Compagnie des Arts Français'; designed furniture suites for the townhouse of the banker Franck Jay GOULD, Boulevard Suchet in Paris, apartment of Alice COCEA, 1947 office of the French president Vincent AURIOL's residence at Château de Rambouillet and oceanliner 'Ferdinand de Lesseps'. In the 1930s, often incorporated metal and glass into his furniture; applied a philosophy of stark Functionalism to all of his ensembles, including tubular chromed dressing tables, mobile drinks cabinets, and furniture in exotic woods, including bubenga and white peroba. His kinetic and inventive lighting was based on severe geometric principles, with few concessions to ornementation, showing the influence of contemporary 'machinisme'. In 1970, became director of 'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs', Paris.

Alain-René HARDY & Gaëlle MILLET: Jacques ADNET. Paris. les Editions de l'Amateur. 2009.

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